Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Faversham Air Raid 1915 - Latest research

Good work by FFL Researcher John Stone - who has been spending some time in local libraries undertaking research into the German air raid on Faversham, Sittingbourne and Sheppey in April 1915. 

John has found a book called: ‘A Glint in the Sky' – German WW1 air attacks on Folkestone, Dover, Ramsgate and Margate and other Kentish Towns. This book describes the raids on Faversham along the lines of previous newspaper but with the following differences:
  • They refer to the plane as being an Albatross B11 rather than a Taube. (From what I have found on the internet, the early version of the Albatross was a two seater with the pilot at the rear and the observer at the front. The observer’s view of the ground was totally obstructed by the wings! The Taube was a single seater.) 

  • One bomb landed close to the Kingsferry Bridge.
  • 12 Planes were scrambled from RNAS Eastchurch, Manston and Dover. I have tried without success to obtain operational details on Eastchurch but will now try Manston and Dover. They say that the raider escaped.

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