Monday, May 26, 2014

WW1 - 1917 Air-Raid over Thanet

WW1 - 1917 Air-Raid  over Thanet recorded by The Illustrated London News

Role of the Boy Scouts in WW1 - Cartoon by George Loraine Stampa

Role of the Boy Scouts in WW1 - George Loraine Stampa (1875-1951). Stampa was a regular contributor to Punch aka The London Charivari. 

This cartoon from July 1916, shows a troop of Boy Scouts on coastguard patrol, challenging an elderly artist who is sketching a nearby harbour.

Boy Scout "Sketching the Harbour is not allowed."

Artist "Confound you! My name's Cadmium Brown, and..."

Boy scout "Carry on then. We've got orders that you are harmless."